private purchace badge

issue quality army gun layers badge

Issue type medics badge

OT Cap insignia


OT Cap insignia


Bevo Org Todt M43 cap insignia in near mint condition  £70

Late war mountain troops arm badge in un issues condition £25

unissued KM cap eagle super condition

cut off eagle still atached to the tunic wool and grey rayon lining M44s are not easy to find

Nice condition early wire breast eagle in nice condition as removed from tunic

Good used condition removed from tunic £50

single SA strap with RZM Tag

Early bevo flatwire eagle as used on early parade and walking out tunics

Nice condition gold Celleon on dark green wool eagle looks to have been removed from a tunicand in super condition

Super condition and rare

Mint unissued luftwaffe cap wreath last owner bought this from a military outfiters in Germany who sold him 100s of unused stock in the 1970s

unissued arm eagle 

as removed from a parade tunic nice diplay item

mint unused luft signals officers collarpatches from a German military outfiters in the 1970s we have quite a lot of the items he bought 

removed from a tunic as a souvenir during the war 

as removed from a tunic in ww2 as a soouvenir

mid war mint cap badge

Not a easy cap badge to find in mint unissued condition

Yellow flight section/Para for Air weapons school mint unissued tailor made example

Reich aircontroll school Nco strap

NCO instructor at a Motor school straptailor madr mint example

one pin missinf on KRS insignia

InstructionSea Squadron ors strap tailor made unissued

Early 9th Flak reg Unteroffizier stral in near mint condition

Singe lemon yellow lts board unissued mint 

Officers single cav board 

Prewar army nco artillery strap

NCOs pre war strap in early cotton twill good used condition

nice condition arm badge

Early war arm badge

unused cockade in nice condition

single collar patch

single collar patch

Fortress engineers single strap 

rare strap in nice condition

Oberschuts patch in unissued condition one

A mint unissued wire cap wreath